10 Quick And Easy Seaweed Recipes For Dogs

Seaweed has a multitude of benefits, but not all dogs are fans of this marine superfood. While most dry and raw fed dogs love seaweed, some canines turn up their noses at the taste, even when it's simply sprinkled as a powder over their regular meals.

I ran into the same issue with my own chow chow who refused to touch his food when I added seaweed to it. Our terrier on the other hand loved it.

So, if you've encountered this challenge, you're not alone, and it doesn't mean your dog has to miss out on the nutritional advantages of seaweed.

Here are some seaweed recipe and treat ideas for dogs that I used to turn my fussy chow into a seaweed lover. 

1. Seaweed With Yogurt 

This one is super easy. Get a small bowl with some natural yogurt and add the seaweed. Mix it together well. For an extra treat, add some of their favorite fruits. Blueberries, banana and papaya are some of our faves.

seaweed with yogurt blueberries and banana
For hot days, you can make seaweed froyo treats. Simply put seaweed and yogurt into a silicon mould and throw it in the freezer.

2. Seaweed & Nut Butter Treats

Mix seaweed powder with your dog's favorite nut butter (make sure it's xylitol-free) and oat flour. Roll into small balls and bake. My pack love seaweed and peanut butter bites.

3. Seaweed & Chicken Jerky

Dehydrate thin strips of chicken marinated in a seaweed and water mixture. The dehydration process will infuse the chicken with the seaweed flavor, making it more palatable.

4. Seaweed & Pumpkin Puree

Blend seaweed powder into pumpkin puree. The natural sweetness of the pumpkin can mask the seaweed taste. You can freeze these in silicone molds for easy serving.

I sometimes use apples instead of pumpkin.

caniclean seaweed pumpkin puree

5. Seaweed & Fish Cakes

Combine seaweed with cooked fish like salmon or sardines, add some sweet potato for binding, form into small cakes, and bake.

6. Seaweed Rice Balls

Mix cooked rice, seaweed powder, and a protein like cooked chicken or turkey. Form into small balls and serve.

7. Seaweed & Veggie Smoothie

Blend seaweed with dog-friendly vegetables like carrots and cucumbers. You can freeze this mixture into ice cube trays for a refreshing treat.

8. Seaweed Bone Broth

Incorporate seaweed into a homemade bone broth. The strong meaty flavors from the bones can help mask the seaweed. Bone broth is also packed full of collagen that is super-healthy for our pups. I use bone broth bought at the store, add in some seaweed powder, then freeze to use as treats.

caniclean bone broth seaweed treats

9. Seaweed & Cheese Bites

Mix small amounts of seaweed powder into a cheese-based dough, roll into bite-sized pieces, and bake.

10. Seaweed & Coconut Oil Cubes

Melt coconut oil and mix in seaweed powder. Pour into molds and freeze. The fatty richness of the coconut oil can make the seaweed more appealing. 


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